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Michelle Gonzalez is originally from El Paso, TX, and has been living in Austin for over 20 years.  She earned her Masters Degree in Oriental Medicine from AOMA, The Graduate School of Integrative Medicine. Michelle has over 15 years of medical experience. This includes medical assisting, healthcare management, and herbal pharmacy.   She began her journey studying western medicine and working as a medical assistant at Brackenridge hospital in a woman’s low income healthcare clinic.  Michelle has dedicated her education towards woman’s health.  During her time at AOMA she incorporated her education and experience in treating woman’s health and family reproductive services.  After graduating, Michelle worked at the largest fertility clinic in Texas, the Texas Fertility Clinic.  She has many years of experience working side by side with reproductive endocrinologists and makes it a goal of hers to integrate western and traditional Chinese medicine.  

She is a thoughtful, empathic, professional that strives in educating patients and creating long lasting relationships. 

She also earned a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from University of Texas at Austin, with a minor in Biology.  Michelle is bilingual in Spanish.

Michelle’s post graduate work includes training in Women’s health and fertility.  As well as  Mei Zen, cosmetic acupuncture for facial and neck rejuvenation.  She has taken extensive hours of training in pain management and sports acupuncture.  She practices fire cupping and gusha techniques.  She is also a licensed TCM herbalist.  

Michelle emphasizes the importance of Chinese Medicine and holistic healthcare to maintain and restore one’s general health, and wellbeing.

additional Educational Trainings 
NADA(National Acupuncture Detoxification Association) - AcuDetox Training 
Mei Zen Cosmetic Acupuncture with Dr. Martha Lucas 
Dr. Tan Balance Method  
Master Tung for Acupuncture 
Reiki Training Levels 1 & 2
Advanced Cupping and Cellulite Reduction 
Herb and Supplement Trainings - Golden flower herbs, Evergreen Herbs, Kan Herbs

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