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Meet our innate centered Chiropractor,Dr. Megan Cox. She was born and raised in Southwest Louisiana where she learned that everyone is deserving of love and always welcome. She always wanted to be a healer and/or caregiver in some capacity and completely fell in love with Chiropractic philosophy. Over the course of her education she has received her Doctor of Chiropractic along with Bachelor's degrees in Biology, Health and Wellness, and Anatomy. 

Dr. Megan is committed to helping her community experience improved health and vibrant lives. Her mission is to empower and inspire as many people as possible through genuine care and education. As a practitioner, she embraces the concept that the human body is self healing and self regulating and when given the proper tools and building blocks, your body can adapt to its surroundings appropriately, leading to a more active and healthy life -- naturally. Her love of Chiropractic and authentic concern for others drive her pursuit of excellence in her work as well as her service to the community. It is this drive that inspired her to open her own wellness clinic in Katy, Tx. The clinic has been open and happily serving the community for the past five years.  

She has experience and extensive training with several chiropractic techniques; including Pediatric and  Prenatal adjusting, Webster, Diversified, Thompson, Cox-Flexion Distraction, Activator, Myofascial Release, SOT and Cranial therapy. She is trained and certified in rehab therapy of the spine and extremities. 

She loves working with patients to help decrease their stress and facilitate healing through a higher level of life expression. She is incredibly passionate about walking alongside her patients as take on their health journey. Over the course of living in Katy, Dr. Megan and her wife, Kara, fell in love with traveling to Austin and finally made the  decision to move permanently to the place that has always felt like home. They spend most of their time outdoors with the pups, camping, hiking, paddle boarding and adventuring around. 


Dr. Megan graduated from The University of Louisiana Lafayette with a B.S. degree in Biology with minors in Chemistry and Psychology.  While attending Parker University she earned her B.S. degree in Anatomy, and Health and Wellness. In 2014 she graduated from Parker University with her Doctorate degree in Chiropractic. In 2015 she completed her Webster Certification and continued to expand her education. She has advanced training in pregnancy, pediatrics, and sports/injury recovery. 


Her continuing education includes extensive knowledge in the following areas:

Functional Nutrition:

-Women's health

-Adrenal fatigue recovery 

-Nutrition Research: Cancer, Heart Disease, Autism, Inflammation

-Phytonutrients and Gut Health

-Nutrition Support for Inflammation and Stress

-Functional Medicine for the Thyroid, Heart and Gut impacted by stress


Chemical and Physical Stress/Strain:
 -Ingredients in Foods & Beverages That Can Damage Health

 -True Cellular Detox

-Autism and gut dysbiosis

-Gua Sha trained

-Concussion Evaluation, Conservative Treatment and Recovery 

-Optimal sports performance- extremity evaluation and treatment

-Biomechanical taping for movement control 

-Performance health- Diagnosis and treatment of sports injuries


ICPA/Pediatric Training/Pregnancy

Webster Technique

Advanced Spinal Assessment for the Infant and Child  

SOT/Cranial specific pediatric spinal evaluation and adjusting protocols

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